What will I learn?

Discover solutions and learn how contributors to a changing world think and connect!

Questions we’ll address include:
  • How a networked, decentralised system maintains legitimacy and trust through self-regulation and/or traditional regulation.
  • How alternative currencies can become networked and exchanged, either replacing or complementing existing economic conventions.
  • Current and emerging alternatives to current economic conventions, the enablers of these alternatives, drivers and motivators.
  • Systems that enable trade of both monetary and non-monetary forms of value with new types of currency, capital and exchange mechanisms.
  • Where and why people are seeking diversification of value and hedging their tangible and intangible wealth for resilience.
Themes we’ll explore include:

Not Business As Usual!
Today’s economy works in ways where the more you have, the easier it is to get ahead, which makes reducing the wealth gap impossible to do. Learn how – by connecting different business models – Corporations, Cooperatives and ‘Open Value Network Models’ – through an alternative, commons based approach, we can change things up so the more we unite, the more we can be, do and create.

Communicating Real Wealth: What is money anyway?
Creating a values based communications to commerce (C2C) marketplace and ‘Intentional Communities’. Learn how and why we can give the underserved a voice, and money – as we know it – may cease to exist.

Alternative Currencies: Ways to exchange, that maximize people & planet gain
Giving people and communities the means to increase their own livelihoods, without the need for a bank account – something half the world’s adults don’t have – using Cryptocurrencies, Timebanks, Barter Systems and more!

Meaningful Projects: Invest in success
The only way to be sure of success is to engage locals, and give them skills and tools, that enable them to help themselves. Join us as we discuss why and how, along with metrics that measure what success really is.

Unless the people you are helping know why you’re doing what you’re doing, and why they are going to do things differently than they have done before – or learn new skills – they don’t know what to do with what you gave them.
Warren TeBrugge, myarmswideopen.org

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