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In the Spirit of Sharing Economy, we invite you to gather in gratitude to celebrate the development of a new economic model that will revolutionalize what humanity can be, do and create.

On Thursday October 8th, 2015 Impact Economy Summit presents Celebrate Abundance: A Freed Food Society fundraising event @ the GLC with THE HAIRFARMERS 8:30 – Midnight.

Ticket Cost: $15

Over 40% of food in North America is thrown away annually yet Food Security remains a major sustainable development challenge. The Freed Food Society provides one solution to food accessibility by saving, re-purposing and up-cycling produce that would otherwise be discarded. Proceeds from ticket sales will support the expansion of local N.P.O The Freed Food Society.  Come explore new ideas and make new friends! Remember to wear your dancing shoes!

Buy tickets on Eventbrite, or at the door.

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