Warren Te Brugge Community Development

Warren’s passion is working with and empowering people. Warren pioneered the unique Integrative Strategy Approach that engages entire organizations, helping leaders, teams and individuals to move from silos to unity, from intent to action, and from purpose to productivity.

Having worked in nearly 40 countries around the world, and in the private, public and government sectors, Warren has built and led cross-cultural teams, fostering development of thriving, international operations and united organizational cultures for a multitude of client organizations. Facilitated through My Arms Wide Open, this life experience enabled him to gather knowledge and understand cultures for adapting principles and programs in supporting rural villages in his native South Africa.

To help share what he learns, Warren founded and directs Manzimvula: Community engagement practitioners who understand what it means to connect with the markets we serve.

Manzimvula works with clients to innovate and develop strategies that embed sustainability into operations and drive long-term growth, while creating active relationships across their stakeholder community built on trust and transparency.

Warren’s work through Manzimvula helps companies to unleash hidden capacity, inspiring people, engaging teams, and sparking breakthrough performance. His tenacity and belief in humanity has been pivotal in the facilitation of this Summit, and bringing The Citizens Media to where it is today.

My work is focused on crated Resilient Development Strategies that start with a systematic approach to the coexistence of Passion, Purpose, People, Planet and Profit.