Tiberius Brastaviceanu Open Value Networks

Co-founder of SENSORICA and initiator of the Multitude Project, Tibi is a leader in the peer to peer and open source movement.

Trained as a physicist, Tibi’s technical background is in laser applications and non-linear optics – he is very active in optical sensing projects.

In working with this passion, Tibi saw the need to create an alternative to traditional hierarchical working conditions. Starting with the Multitude Project and continuing to innovate with SENSORICA, Tibi co-developed a framework for peer to peer production, using a robust tool to track and capture the work produced by a diverse and collaborative cohort of workers. The framework is now commonly referred to as the Open Value Network Model, or OVN.

Animated by big ideas and adventure, Tibi loves freedom in action, is invigorated by chaotic environments, and brings a wealth of knowledge of the on the ground processes and conditions needed for a peer to peer network to thrive.