Tammy Lea Meyer Podcast Host

Tammy is passionate about social change, economic justice and transition, and new systems in collaboration with others. She is motivated to participate in a global conversation about the change that is happening all around us.

Tammy has been been working with Natalia Campos to develop #myvoicematters, a democratic media experiment in personal agency. Mostly, she wants to participate in telling a generative story of change with peers, and through transparent and action oriented exploration, progress towards human centered economic frameworks.

Tammy is a new affiliate with SENSORICA, sits on the board as co-chair of CCEC Credit Union, and is president of CCEC Development Society. She would characterize herself as ‘all in’, and is motivated to promote people in the change movement, and foster conversations that can inspire change. To go a bit deeper into what she thinks about, check out some articles she’s written, dream big and change everything, as well as some insight into the processes she and Natalia have collaboratively created.

I am motivated to support initiatives of the next economy. ….and see this convergence as a critical build of a working plan and bridge.