Paul Hartzog Systems Expert

Paul B. Hartzog, one of the coiners of the word “panarchy,” is an independent scholar and hacker, and has taught at the University of Michigan’s School of Information. Recipient of an NSF IGERT to study complex systems, he has a Masters in Globalization and Environmental Politics from the University of Utah, and a Masters in Political Theory from the University of Michigan.  

His theoretical work on panarchy hybridizes political philosophy / economy, network culture, complex systems, and critical social theory, to build vital real-world peer-to-peer infrastructures. His work history includes Howard Rheingold, Stanford University, the University of Michigan, and The Institute for the Future.

My focus is complex systems, politics, economics, and futurism. My goal is to help people understand the broader world-changing contexts in which their projects occur. Discussing civilization’s long-term navigation of politics and economics as well as the recent emergence of complex systems theory provides a foundation for thinking about our shared future. I like to creatively connect ideas in realtime to facilitate, challenge, motivate, and inspire others.