Michael Rubin Camera Assistance

Michael AM Rubin has a mission is to show the beauty the vitality the value of everyone’s message and to help everyone broadcast that same message to the world.

Focal to his work in film production, Michael is the founder of Rubin’s Marketing.

Rubin’s Marketing believes the secret to your success is for your message to shine through your business. Everyone has a message. Our message reflects where our heart is: shows who you are. Who you are now becomes your brand.

Rubin’s Marketing helps people to define their message, and in so doing bring life to their brand. It uses social media, video, mass media as well as printed materials to communicate passion, then delivers core messages through the development of brand.

Michael believes that small and local business are the driving force of every economy: “It’s the voice of each one of us that matters. It’s time for others to see who you are and what you have to give.”

I am a videographer, photographer and storyteller. This is a great opportunity to record history has it is happening. I just pitching in my abilities to word the to the public about what is going on.

I have some social media influence to help spread the word about what is happening and what Impact Economy is doing.