Marty Frost Co-op Consultant

Marty Frost has spent the past 36 years working in and for co-operatives.  17 years spent with CRS Workers’ Co-operative, including 10 as General Manager, saw that co-op triple its working membership and quadruple its sales, and become one of the most successful worker co-op businesses in the country. 19 years as a co-op developer with Devco (FWC Development Cooperative) has provided Marty with the opportunity to work with well over 150 groups, supporting the start-up and development of their co-ops.

Marty has served on the board of directors of the Cooperative Housing Federation of Canada, and the board of the Canadian Worker Co-op Federation, of which he was a founder. He has served on the advisory board to the Ministers responsible for Co-operatives at both Federal and Provincial levels, and has done extensive consultations on the Co-ops Act of BC. He currently serves as a director for the BC Co-operative Association and for CCEC Credit Union.  Marty has provided co-operative development and education in eight provinces and two territories of Canada, as well as in Indonesia, Mongolia and China, and has studied at the Mondragon co-operative system in Spain.

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