Jeff Clearwater New Paradigm Economics

Jeff Clearwater has enjoyed a 35 year career in the field of community innovation, appropriate technology, business start-ups, not-for-profit development, and new paradigm economics.

Jeff is now applying his full efforts to VillageLab – a centrally (torroidally) coordinated distributed laboratory researching, developing and demonstrating leading-edge practices in New Paradigm Economics and Whole Systems Regenerative Design based in a wide variety of “communities of intent” including communities of purpose, practice and place. These include transformational learning communities, community empowerment projects, hybrid and new paradigm economic enterprises and projects, intentional communities and ecovillages, ecocity projects, permaculture projects,etc.  Jeff’s blog can be found at The Visionary Commons.

Jeff helped found the Ecovillage Network of the Americas and was Ecovillage Office Director at Sirius Ecovillage for 6 years. Jeff also was a co-founder of Living Routes – Study Abroad in Sustainable Communities.  Jeff now provides consulting in Ecovillage Design integrating his understanding of technology, social architecture, permaculture, and a new paradigm in economics.  

Jeff has provided consulting, design and installation of solar, wind, microhydro, micro-grids, integrated systems, water and waste systems, and electric vehicles for businesses, governments and organizations all over the world from North America to Europe, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Colombia, Brazil and Mexico.   Jeff still  offers consulting in village scale renewable energy system design and whole systems design at Village Power Design.