J’aime Gianopoulos Documentary

“My name is J’aime Gianopoulos. I am a woman, an artist, and a creator of the journey and story of my life. I am of Spartan, Slovakian, and English decent, originally born in Ontario, Canada. 

I see my life as an opportunity to explore, experience, learn, grow, teach, and inspire. I believe in the unseen. I relish in the unknown. I move through the cycles. I recognize the gift this planet grants us each day. I respect my elders and the ones who have walked the path before me. I am in service to the ones who will come the next 7 generations behind me. I am moved by beauty, inspired by sound. Humbled by nature, and excited about innovation and sustainable ways of creating the future. I am learning to be present, striving to grow, and freeing myself to walk the road of the wild wise woman. I am discovering what it means to be courageous, to trust in my self, and to follow the drum beat of my heart. To dance the melody within and to take responsibility for myself, my actions, and my creations. To breathe deep, to succeed, to fail, and to preserver into the moments when time stops, people and places align and for a brief moment  you know you are living your greatest vision. 

Film making and photography and acting are my tools of expression. Since I was 8 years old I knew I wanted to tell stories, to sing, to dance, to work with teams of people in various art forms. My gift is the ability to create a space where people feel free to reveal themselves and be seen. I document the authentic truth of any given moment.

I graduated from the Pickering College International Leadership Program, and graduated from the film production program at the Toronto Film School. 

I am passionate about being part of creating a sustainable future and a culture that honors and respects the earth and the gifts we are given throughout our lives. I love to travel and discover people taking part in creative ways to reshape the way we function as a humanity. I create documentaries, music videos, photo shoots, and short films. I am the director and co- creator of a NPO called Dream Seed Weave.

 My dream is to create films that tell powerful stories. To write and work with  people who work as a team and family to bring these stories into films that leave an impact and lasting impression.”