Ian MacKenzie Documentary

“I am a new paradigm media activist crafting conscious memes on behalf of the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.”

Ian MacKenzie is an award-winning filmmaker & media activist based in the Pacific Northwest of Turtle Island (aka Vancouver). His work has appeared in The New York Times, National Geographic TV, CBC Documentary, The Globe and Mail, Adbusters, and film festivals around the world.

His focus covers a range of diverse topics & subjects, though all fall under his mission of uncovering and amplifying stories of the emerging paradigm.

His current projects are the featured documentary Amplify Her (2016) following emerging female voices in the electronic music scene. Healing of Love (2016) is a short film exploring the new story of love, sex, and partnership. Dear Guardians (2014) won Best Documentary at the Media Film Festival and was named a Vimeo Staff Pick.

Ian’s work is revolutionary. He makes you think, and he does it in a way that is impassioned, kind and lusciously filmed.” – Ignite

He co-produced Velcrow Ripper’s feature film Occupy Love (2013), and more recently released the short film Reactor (2013). Sacred Economics (2012) is one of his most popular web films, in collaboration with author Charles Eisenstein. Ian’s previous short The Revolution Is Love (2011) was named one of the top 10 Occupy films to watch 2011.

In 2010, he released his first documentary feature “One Week Job” – an inspirational story about a guy who worked 52 jobs in 52 weeks to find his passion. The project received widespread media attention (New York Times, CNN) and the film was aired on CBC Documentary Channel.

Ian MacKenzie also served as head of Matador Productions, overseeing original video series for the world’s largest independent travel magazine. The series “Breaking Free” was shot in countries ranging from China, Panama, Nicaragua, Thailand, Japan, and more.

Aside from film, Ian has created a variety of online projects including Let Me On Survivor and the spiritual travel magazine Brave New Traveler.

He holds a BA in Communication from Simon Fraser University and a Diploma from Long Ridge Writer’s Group.


Dear Guardians

BEST DOCUMENTARY – Media Film Festival

Occupy Love

BEST CANADIAN DOCUMENTARY – Planet In Focus Film Festival

Revolution Is Love



PEACE AWARD – Cinema Verde Environmental Film Festival (Florida)

Selected Festival Screenings

Cinema Verde Film Festival 2014, Media Film Festival 2014, Peace on Earth Film Festival 2014, Vancouver, International Film Festival 2012, One Earth Film Festival 2014, Utopia Film Festival 2013, Global Peace Film Festival 2013, Independent Spirit Film Festival 2013, Sustainable Living Festival 2013, Vancouver Short Film Festival 2013, Tel Aviv Spirit Film Festival 2013, Crossroads Film Festival (Mississippi) 2013, Montreal International Film Festival 2012, Planet In Focus Film Festival 2012, Conscious Project Festival 2013, Thunder Bay Environmental Film Festival 2013, World Film Festival (Kelowna) 2013, Powell River Film Festival 2013, World Community Film Festival (Grand Forks) 2013, Transitions Film Festival (Australia) 2013, Istanbul International Independent Film Fest 2013.

In Gratitude

While Ian counts many friends, mentors, and fellow artists among his influences, he studies directly with the following teachers:

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