Eric Howe Programmer

Eric has been developing software professionally since the mid 1990s in a variety of domains and environments. He’s done systems programming in C, has helped build data mining applications, as well as continuing education and skill assessment applications. He’s written traditional GUI applications for Windows, Motif, the original Palm Pilots, and social networking applications. Eric has experience with internationalization and localization for various European and Eastern languages. He has extensive experience with Backbone, CoffeeScript, jQuery, MongoDB, Ruby, Rails, PostgreSQL, SQL, C, and Perl; he’s worked with C++, jQuery-UI, Handlebars, OpenID, Etsy, Stripe, PayPal, Google Maps, and various AWS technologies (S3, Elastic Transcoder, SNS, SQS). He’s even written PostScript by hand, because he needed to print a periodic table. Eric describes himself a generalist, who picks up new domains and environments fairly quickly. He’s fairly active on, which is and that’s probably the best place to check out his skills. Eric hasnt been that active in the open source world for a few years, but some of my old projects can still be found: imgvtopnm and pbitmtopbm (image format conversion utilities for the old Palm Pilots), mgv (Motif based PostScript viewer), and (a hand written periodic table in PostScript). He also fixed a bunch of bugs in Lesstif back in the day as, and was invited to be a core team member. Specialties: Full stack web development, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, CoffeeScript/JavaScript, Backbone, jQuery, SQL (PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite, Sybase) including stored procedures, MongoDB, HTML & CSS, I18N/L10N, C, Perl. His tags on Stackoverflow should give you a good idea of what he knows.