Enric Duran Blockchain Cooperatives

Enric will be joining us via Google Hangout. Activist in different social movements from 1999 onwards, like Global Resistance Movement, solidarity economics and Degrowth Movement. On September 17, 2008, he publicly announced that he had expropriated dozens of Spanish banks of nearly half a million euros as part of a political action to denounce what he termed ‘the predatory capitalist system’. From 2006 to 2008, Duran took out 68 commercial and personal loans from a total of 39 banks with no guarantees or property as collateral. He had no intention of repaying the debts, and used the money to finance various post­capitalist movements as a civil disobedience action. In September 17 2008, Duran released both an article entitled “I have “robbed” 492,000 euros from those who rob us the most, in order to denounce them and build alternatives for society”. This was published in the free magazine Crisis, in Catalan, of which 200,000 copies were printed and distributed by volunteers throughout Catalonia. A second newspaper, We can! Live Without Capitalism was distributed on March 17, 2009, and a third, on September 17, 2009. In 2010 Enric co­-founded the Cooperativa Integral Catalana where he is still an active core member today. On 2011­2012 he was involved in the 15M movement and was extending the economical disobedience movement related to the Derecho de Rebelion Manifiesto, producing a detailed Manual. In early 2013, he was involved in the Call for the Integral Revolution. Enric Duran was not presented to the court that was to begin on February 12 2013, sending an statement arguing his absence. He declared himself an Integral Disobedient and decided to promote Restorative Justice as an alternative to the old justice system. A process of restorative justice is ongoing but meanwhile his location remains unknown. In 2014, he, as a part of the CIC, launched Coopfunding platform and also Radi.ms Magazine. Last year, Enric has been part of the Faircoin Dev Team and has created the Fair Coop initiative from scratch, being currently a coordinator and member in the Faircoop ecosystem council. Enricduran.cat @EnricDuranG