Caroline Smalley Founder

Caroline is co-founder of The Citizens Media® – CM – a bridge for transitioning to the new economy. CM invites and rewards conversations, that attract investment and innovation to projects where people, the planet and communities can thrive.

With a background in network management, Caroline is a key convener of conversations, that are of interest and importance in new economy thinking. Founder of the Summit, she is driven by the infinite realm of possibilities, which become apparent when people, communities, and values unite.

Seeing that a myriad of cutting edge ideas and solutions for creating an altogether more joyful, and sustainable way of being already exist – an innovative and highly respected thinker – Caroline is passionate about building systems that help them to integrate and grow.

She believes that the time has come to ‘Think New. Think Forward.’ – to evolve from ‘survival of the fittest’ to unity – for enabling a world, where the more we come together, the more we can do and be.