The principle outcome of the summit will be the creation of promotional media and documentation for development plans, needed to attract commitment and investment for the implementation of an “Impact Economy” based in Bergnek, South Africa. Once proven, the solutions can be scaled anywhere in the world.

Outcomes will be assisted through Summit Activities and development of:

  1. Investor Prospectus
    Maps needs of projects supported by the I3 Coop, with proposed model, and corresponding solution providers.
  2. Storyboards
    Using the graphical storyboard (see Summit Activities) to trace the story in the eyes of our Target Markets
  3. Research & Development Plan
    What we need to research, how and who will help.

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What’s Next?

Implementation Needs
The following could happen concurrently. Proposed Timeline: 6 months

  • Platform
    1. Development of Communications Platform
    2. Comcoin Marketplace
    3. Revenue Barter Exchange
  • Business & Legal
    1. Platform Terms & Conditions
    2. Open Value Network
    3. Model Service Agreements
    4. Peer Production License Agreements – PPL
    5. Branding & Communication
    6. Investor Share Agreements
  • Feasibility Study
    3 months out in the field; 3 months developing plan.

Bergnek Community Projects Cooperative., is a My Arms Wide Open Community Empowerment Initiative that was started to support the women, youth and children of the Bergnek and their families. Our goal is to transfer needed skills into the community through a number of development opportunities. Each of these projects and initiatives will include starting a community-based business venture around the need identified by the community.

The projects and initiatives will, in turn, support food security, education, infrastructure, and leadership development within the community to ultimately empower the community to sustain itself from within.

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