Collective Intention

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A More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible
Charles Eisenstein

The impeccable capitalism hack; energising wisdom back to the world!
Jeff Clearwater

A paradigm shift in economic thinking, that will unleash unparalleled opportunity for ecological and social reform.
Caroline Smalley

A new centre of economic gravity.
– Matthew Slater

Impact Economy is creating a movement through collective collaboration. Borderless, locationless, self organized and transparently secure. Repurposing current technologies for economies unknown.
Daniel Kim


  1. I want to see a world where we are truly free to decide how we live our own lives; where we have truly open marketplaces/exchanges; where we truly own our data and have control over its use and access. I want to build this world using open protocols; open APIs; distributed systems; portable data; interoperability; open standards; integrating current practices and platforms into user-centric distributed architectures.

  2. The next political economy is a complex adaptive system of peer-to-peer many-to-many “Do It Ourselves” connections and relationships. Like the economy it replaces, it will do some things well but will also contain new risks and new challenges. If we want the next economy to be robust, and to improve the life and health of the planet (including people), then it is crucial that we understand the structure and dynamics of that non-linear emerging “edge of chaos” system, so we can respond and guide new developments, even if we cannot predict the future in a linear fashion.

  3. A breakthrough in human collective intelligence as our next step in human evolution which nourishes upward spirals of increasing possibilities and deep relational wealth slowly replacing the downward, extractive patterns of our cancerous economy.

  4. A time of desperate choice is emerging – we have to get on the right track now or loose that crossroads window coming up…

  5. The commons-based peer production train has left the station. Enjoy the ride!
    I am here to share my knowledge and my experience in long-tail commons-based peer production, and to meet people with whom I can collaborate on building culture, governance, legal frameworks, and infrastructures for online, massive collaboration that support open innovation, peer production and distribution.

  6. I love the energy being promulgated around the Impact Economy conference. My role (mission/quest/preoccupation) is to find new ways of conceiving of and implementing ownership, in its less abstract forms. To that end, I have, for the last 25 or so years, worked in and for cooperatives, in Canada primarily, though not exclusively. I’ll put this out, and I hope we can spur some conversation around it – cooperatives are very effective business ownership models, but they demand fundamental shifts in the way we see ownership, and indeed in the way we view property, the interrelationships between people, and those between people and their wealth. I look forward to the discourse.

  7. Today’s challenge is being able to facilitate the transition to a collaborative kindness based socioeconomic system, there are many such fine systems, none of which will serve humanity unless we can begin collectively to understand the prevailing system and what it will take to foster the transition to a kindness based socioeconomic system.

  8. It’s imperative – a sine qua non – that we get money moving round inside communities instead of simply in and out, and ideally it should be money that’s “free” as in free speech. Free money is what we make of it – sovereign, ethical, convivial, collaborative, sustainable.

  9. Even the most heroic tech wizards and social philosophers need to journey with joy and in good company – particularly on an epic journey as the one set out by the calling intentions of ImpactEconomy. It seems no coincidence that this summit will happen in one of the most (awe-)inspiring places on the planet. And our good vibes, enthusiasm, brilliance, hot ideas, love and joy will reverberate ever further through our personal experiences and shared communications… and hey – if we crack this money nut along the way, we will look back and say it could not have happened any other way. If you want to get somewhere fast, take the long way.

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