Each day focused on a particular theme, Monday-Thursday will be broken into morning and afternoon sessions with lightning presentations, open discussion, and breakouts. Friday will focus on developing objectives. Thursday night, come on down to dance, laugh, and network with the experts and Whistlers very own Hairfarmers!

Monday: Not Business As Usual
Today’s economy works in ways where the more you have, the easier it is to get ahead, which makes reducing the wealth gap impossible to do. Learn how – by connecting different business models – Corporations, Cooperatives and ‘Open Value Network Models’ – through an alternative, commons based approach, we can change things up so the more we unite, the more we can be, do and create.

Tuesday: Communication Meets Commerce
Creating a values based communications to commerce (C2C) marketplace, that maximizes returns to people and planet.

Wednesday: What Is Money Anyway?
Comprehending real wealth. Learn about Intentional Communities, Open Value Networks, and why money as we know it may cease to exist.

Thursday: Meaningful Projects
The only way to be sure of success is to engage locals, and give them skills and tools, that enable them to help themselves. Join us as we discuss why and how, along with metrics that measure what success really is. Thursday Night Party!

Friday: What’s Next?
The principle outcome of the summit will be the creation of promotional media and documentation for development plans, needed to attract commitment and investment for the implementation of a pilot “Impact Economy” based in Bergnek, South Africa. It may be possible to run pilots based in other communities too. Once proven, the solutions can be scaled anywhere in the world.