Collaborative Mindmap

Enabling hundreds of people to edit at the same time, the Collaborative Mindmap will invite participants to contribute to how the Impact Economy will grow. Its purpose is to:

  • Communicate, discuss and evolve a collaborative business model for building a movement for developing an economy, where people and planet can thrive
  • Identify how we can collaborate
  • Share and develop impactful ideas

Graphical Storyboard

To be developed throughout the summit, The Graphical Storyboard will be used to communicate how the Impact Economy will unfold. We’ll use it to depict the path of target markets, as they discover opportunity unleashed through the model proposed.

Session Podcasts

Each day is segmented to sessions, which will be summarised through 6 – 10 minute podcasts, to be made available through a crowdfunding campaign. Podcasts are being created by 99% Medias Samer Beyhum, hosted by Tammy Lea Meyer and assisted by Michael Rubin.

Impact Economy Documentary

Inspirational Film Artists and New Paradigm Storytellers J’aime Gianopoulos and Ian MacKenzie will be taking footage throughout the summit, with the purpose of creating a mini documentary and series of promotional shorts, that captures the core essence of what the Impact Economy is about, and inspires viewers and target markets with the shared vision it’s designed to unfold.

A blog discussing the story we want to tell: Capturing Unity

Ian Mackenzie

Ian MacKenzie

Jaime Gianopoulos

J’aime Gianopoulos