The Opportunity

What’s wrong with what we have?

Today’s centralised economy works in ways where the more you have, the easier it is to get ahead, which creates imbalance in the use of resources, and makes reducing the wealth gap impossible to do.

Majority of population are locked out of economic system

  • Only half the world’s adults have a bank account
  • Wealth and resources are in the hands of ‘the few’
  • It lacks transparency

Existing economies are failing

Social and environmental issues are not integrated into decision making, which creates a lack of resilience in the system, and the need to:

  • Address significant societal issues e.g. jobs, climate change etc
  • Provide a more accessible economy

People who have solutions and resources lack awareness & support

  • They need increased financial capacity, and;
  • The ability to make their solutions more visible, and available to all

The Opportunity

Solution building is well on its way, but it’s happening in different places, and on different platforms. It needs a means to unite.  What’s more, most of today’s economy came about by serving the wealthy, leaving most of us underserved – and we live in the most interconnected time in human history – a huge opportunity to turn things around.