What, Why, How

Impact Economy is creating a movement through collective collaboration. Borderless, locationless, self organized and transparently secure.


Based on a framework developed by The Citizen Media® (CM), the Impact Economy is a bridge to new economic opportunity. It unites solutions through community based projects and ‘gives back’ to conversations that help people and planet can thrive.


To unlock the collective potential of the people through a self-organised system that expedites solutions delivering the greatest value. Achieving this mission will enable us to come together in the creation of a critical, more vibrant economy: one that facilitates sustainable ways of working, and operates through equal opportunity, transparency, and trust. What’s wrong with what we have?


The bridge combines an Impact (I3) Investment Cooperative, Communications Hub (CM) and P2P blockchain-enabled barter exchange to connect finance, forward thinking developers, and supporters of community based projects into one collective community: a community brought together through a common desire for an economy centred on genuine practices of sharing and cooperation. What makes the model unique?

CM is like a crowdfunding platform, but – instead of inviting contributions in return for gifts – it rewards citizen journalists for promoting meaningful ‘local to global’ projects, that give impact investors the real opportunity to generate people, planet and profit returns.
Caroline Smalley, Founder