What makes it unique?

Unique Value Proposition

The model we’re proposing is unique because money that goes into its projects gets reinvested time and time again:

  • It offers a new paradigm for rewarding citizen journalists as marketeers of projects, attracting impact investment
  • It embeds values in currencies, products and services, that increase support to local, ecologically sustainable enterprise
  • Its mobile, decentralized exchange, makes finance available to more people, so increases market opportunity of underprivileged people and communities

I3 for exponential

CM’s model introduces an I3 Investment Cooperative that provides Impact Investors with a means to support community based projects, that deliver triple bottom line – or, 3p: people, planet, prosperity – returns, in a way that triples potential reach of investments.

I1 : drives community reinvestment

Keeping money within a community has been shown to have four times the economic impact than drifting in and out: The Multiplier Effect.

I2 : collaborates solutions

Solutions and projects for a sustainable world already exist. Bringing them together through a system will increase awareness, financial support, and speed of impact.

I3 : employs scalable strategies

Solutions that scale maximize potential outcomes.

In this interconnected age, investors should consider – not just the ‘thing’ itself – but rather in the ecology of relations in the network, to which their investment connects.
Paul Hartzog

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